18 Essential Golf Gadgets Every Player Should Have

Calloway Starter Golf Set £21.95 from Amazon

The golfing world has undergone significant technological advances over the last few decades, an evolution which has redefined the way we understand and play this noble sport. No longer reliant on the naked eye and intuition alone, golfers at all levels have taken to a myriad of gadgets to enhance their game.

From high-tech golf balls embedded with performance analysis tech, to precision-engineered clubs, and GPS systems that could put a spaceship to shame, technology has firmly entrenched itself into the golf landscape.

But these advancements aren’t only for the pros, oh no! The golf gadget revolution has democratised the golfing world, levelling the playing field for amateurs and enthusiasts too.

Whether you’re trying to shave strokes off your round, seeking to enhance your training, or simply want to enjoy your time on the greens even more, there’s a gadget out there for you. But where do you start in this brave new world of golf tech?

Well, we’ve done the leg work for you. Here’s a round-up of the 18 essential golf gadgets every player should have, all available in the UK and arranged to suit all budget levels. Buckle up and get ready for a tour-de-force of golfing gadgetry!

18 must have Golf Gadgets for 2023

Low Budget Gadgets

Three in One Golf Club Cleaner – £4.99 Amazon

Could there be a better or more handy start to a golf gadget article than this little gem. It is the most used golf gadget in my bag after the bottle opener! It sits in my pocket for every round and I use it after pretty much every shot to make sure no debris is left on the face of my golf club.

At just £4.99 is it also a real bargain. If I am ever going around with a mate who is playing for their first ever time I always buy them one of these as they are vital. I am now at the stage where if I forget to bring it with me I do feel lost. Although, to counter this I always keep a spare in my golf bag.

You are probably reading this thinking like I sound like I have lost the plot but the Three in One Golf Club Cleaner is a must have gadget. Ensuring you have a clean connection between your club face and the ball is vital and this little beauty does the job perfectly. It has three cleaner areas; a soft brush, a wire brush and an individual spike. All this makes sure that the grooves in your golf club stay clean and dirt free, no matter how wet, dry or dusty the course is.

Three in One Golf Club Cleaner - essential for every serious golfer.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer£19.99 Amazon

Practising your putting stroke has never been more fun with the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer. This nifty device is designed to simulate the exact conditions of putting into a real hole on the green by using a ground-breaking parabolic curved design. Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed, providing instant feedback.

Its compact size means you can carry it in your bag and use it anywhere, anytime. Not only does this gadget help improve your accuracy, it also enhances your pace control. If you’re looking to step up your short game without breaking the bank, the PuttOut is your new best friend.

Longridge Auto Putt Returner£15.55 Amazon

Why collect your own balls when the Longridge Auto Putt Returner can do it for you? This device not only encourages a consistent tempo in your putts but also auto returns your ball after each shot, saving you the effort of bending down to retrieve it and allowing you to focus on honing your skills.

It’s battery operated, making it portable and easy to use at home, in the office, or on the practice green. This neat little gadget could be the secret to sinking more putts and boosting your score, all without stretching your budget.

Longridge Auto Putt Returner - £15.55 Amazon

GrooveMaster Adjustable Golf Club Groove Sharpener£49.14 Amazon

Keeping your club grooves clean is essential for any serious golfer, and the GrooveMaster Adjustable Golf Club Groove Sharpener makes that task a cinch. This pocket-sized gadget is small in size but mighty in function, capable of extending your club’s lifespan by removing dirt and polishing the grooves.

The GrooveMaster features a 4.5-inch knurled aluminium handle for easy gripping and a hardened steel tool tip for effective cleaning. The adjustable length makes it suitable for any golf bag. Don’t let worn-out clubs ruin your perfect shot, keep them in prime condition without burning a hole in your wallet.

GrooveMaster Adjustable Golf Club Groove Sharpener - £49.14 Amazon

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer£79.99 Amazon

The SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer is a fantastic tool to perfect your swing tempo and increase your swing speed. This dynamic, two-in-one training aid features a weighted head and flexible shaft that work together to help you improve your swing mechanics.

Using this gadget for just 10-20 swings every day will help promote a flatter swing plane, which is key for longer, straighter drives. It also serves as a great warm-up tool before your round. Give your swing the golden touch, without needing a treasure chest to pay for it.

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Trainer

Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls£47.95 Amazon

Quality golf balls don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls are recycled balls in near-mint condition that deliver exceptional performance at a fraction of the price. This mix includes various models, offering you an affordable way to test out different types and find the ball that suits your game best.

These balls might have slight cosmetic imperfections but their flight characteristics and performance remain unaffected. Enjoy the feel and control of a top-flight ball without having to pay top-dollar.

We carried out a deep-dive into the quality of lake balls to see if they were any better or worse than normal golf balls. You can see the results in this article right here.

Nike AAAA Golf Balls £47.95 Amazon

Callaway Starter Set£21.95 Amazon

The Callaway Starter Set offers all the basic accessories a golfer needs in one handy package. It includes a divot repair tool, ball markers, tees, a scorecard holder, and a club cleaning brush, all of which fit neatly into a compact pouch.

The divot tool and club brush keep your gear in top condition, while the markers and tees are essential on the course. Ideal for beginners or anyone looking to replace their worn-out accessories, this set provides exceptional value and quality on a shoestring budget.

Calloway Starter Golf Set £21.95 from Amazon

Medium Budget Golf Gadgets

Garmin Approach G12 Golf GPS Watch – £131.34 Amazon

Step up your game with the Garmin Approach G12 Golf GPS watch. This high-sensitivity GPS provides accurate distances for over 42,000 preloaded courses worldwide, helping you measure your shots and plan your approach like a pro. It also displays distances to the front, back, and middle of the green, as well as hazards.

Its compact, clip-on design makes it easy to carry around, while the digital scorecard helps you keep track of your game. The Garmin Approach G12 golf Watch takes the guesswork out of your game, letting you focus on your swing instead of the yardage.

Garmin Approach G12 Golf GPS Watch - £131.34 Amazon

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors£262.60 Amazon

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors transform your clubs into smart clubs. These sensors attach to your clubs and, paired with a free app, provide real-time tracking and analytics, such as club distances, putts per round, greens hit in regulation, and more.

The AI-powered GPS Rangefinder offers precise distances to the hole and key hazards. The sensors automatically record each shot, letting you review your performance post-round. Take your game to the next level with this data-driven approach to golf.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors  - £262.60 Amazon

EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 – £94.50 Amazon

The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 is the perfect gadget for anyone looking to improve their swing. It comes with four speed rods which can be used to practice various shots and can help correct a number of common faults.

Its design lets you visualise the perfect swing path and train your muscle memory accordingly. This device offers instant feedback, making it easy to spot and correct mistakes. The Speed Trap 2.0 is a veritable game-changer, letting you practice like a pro without breaking the bank.

EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 - £94.50 Amazon

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor£289.00 Amazon

Rapsodo’s Mobile Launch Monitor utilises your smartphone’s capabilities to provide instant feedback on your game. This compact device delivers pro-level data, including launch angle, distance, club speed, ball speed, smash factor, and more.

It also records and stores your shots, complete with video replays, to help you analyse your game and make necessary improvements. The MLM turns your practice sessions into a powerhouse of data and analysis, all without requiring a professional’s budget.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor - £289.00 Amazon

Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid£126.94 Amazon

The Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid is perfect for improving your swing rhythm, balance, and tempo. The weighted ball at the end of the flexible shaft enhances kinetic sequencing while the counterweighting system increases your flexibility and range of motion.

It’s designed to synchronise your arms and body while giving you the sensation of hitting a ball, making it a great warm-up tool before a round. Swing into your best form yet with this easy-to-use, mid-range gadget.

Orange whip golf training aid

Callaway Golf Cart Cooler£37.33 Amazon

Stay refreshed on the course with the Callaway Golf Cart Cooler. This insulated cooler can hold up to 12 cans and fits perfectly on most golf carts. The cooler has two small side zips for quick and easy access during your round.

Made from durable, heavy-duty fabrics, this cooler is designed to withstand the rigours of the golf course. Stay hydrated and keep your snacks cool and ready, making your golfing experience even more enjoyable without costing a fortune.

Callaway Golf Cart Cooler - £37.33 Amazon

High Budget Gadgets

Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder£449.00 Amazon

The Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder is the ultimate distance measuring tool. This advanced gadget uses Slope technology to provide compensated distances based on the hole’s incline or decline. It also features elements such as temperature and altitude to calculate precise yardages.

With an impressive range and fast focus system, the Pro XE ensures accurate and quick measurements, helping you select the right club every time. If you’re looking for a premium gadget to enhance your golfing experience, this is one investment that’s worth every penny.

We reviewed the best and the worst of the Golf Range Finders currently on there market in this article. This is why we picked the Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser RangeFinder in this article.

High Budget GadgetsBushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder - £449.00 Amazon

Garmin Approach S60 Golf Watch£340.02 Amazon

Wearable tech has arrived on the golf course with the Garmin Approach S60 Golf Watch. This high-end gadget is preloaded with maps of over 40,000 golf courses worldwide and provides precise distances to greens, hazards, and fairways. It also features a touchscreen that’s readable even in direct sunlight.

The Approach S60 not only helps improve your game, but it also tracks your daily activity and receives smart notifications for calls, texts, and other alerts. This stylish watch is a comprehensive gadget for the modern golfer and a must-have for tech aficionados.

Garmin Approach S60 Golf Watch -  £340.02 Amazon

Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC300 Portable Launch Monitor£379.00 Amazon

The Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC300 Portable Launch Monitor is a high-tech tool for serious golfers. It provides instant feedback on carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor, which can all be viewed on the large LCD display or on a smartphone via the Swing Caddie app.

This launch monitor utilises Doppler Radar Technology and calibrates atmospheric pressure sensors for precise readings. For the data-driven golfer seeking to enhance their game, the SC300 is worth every pound.

Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC300 Portable Launch Monitor

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder£153.00 Amazon

The GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder is a sophisticated gadget for golfers looking for a hands-free experience. It provides audio readings of distances to the front, centre, and back of the green on over 40,000 golf courses worldwide.

Its compact and simple design includes a clip-on feature so you can wear it on your hat or belt. With an impressive 14-hour battery life, this device is your faithful companion from the first tee to the eighteenth hole. It’s an investment that keeps giving back, one round at a time.

GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS RangeFinder from Amazon £153.00

Blast Golf Swing Analyser Gen 3 Sensor – £149.00 Amazon

Transform your golf swing with the Blast Gold Swing Analyser. This device attaches to your glove and delivers a detailed analysis of your swing, including club speed, club plane, tempo, and backswing length.

It offers personalised training programs and allows you to compare your swing directly with professional golfers. The Blast Golf is a fantastic tool for those serious about improving their swing, and it’s worth every penny.

Blast Golf Swing Analyser Gen 3 Sensor - £149.00 Amazon

Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Trolley£749.99 American Golf

Last but definitely not least, the Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Trolley is the epitome of golf luxury. This innovative trolley features a fully-integrated, high-resolution GPS system that’s visible even in bright sunlight. It provides yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green, as well as hazards.

Additionally, the M5 offers a Clock, Round Timer, and Score Tracking features, along with a Smartphone notification system, all displayed on a super-responsive touchscreen. It’s not just a trolley, it’s your very own golf assistant. It’s a premium piece of kit, but for golfers who take their game seriously, it’s an investment that will pay off on the fairway.

Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Trolley from American Golf - £749.99

So there you have it, 18 of the most essential golf gadgets, available for every budget and to suit all needs. Golf has truly embraced the age of technology, offering a cornucopia of devices that will enhance your enjoyment and performance, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro. Get out there and play, and remember – with the right gadget, every round could be your best yet!

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