Air Jordan Mule 1 G Golf Shoes – Friend of The 19th Hole

Air Jordan Mule 1 G Golf Shoes from Nike £99.99

Nike Air Jordan has added to its golf shoe portfolio with the launch of the Air Jordan Mule 1 G Golf Shoes. As regular readers will already know, I am a massive fan of the entire Air Jordan Golf range.

I have owned multiple pairs of the Air Jordan Golf shoes and have written a personal review of the Air Jordan Retro 6G Golf Shoe here as well as a more recent review of the Air Jordan 9 G Golf Shoe here as well. The Nike Jordan Golf range is always super durable, long lasting, comfortable and perfect for any weather.

Whilst Jordan Golf always has the on-course clothing and footwear situation covered, this is the first time I have seen them launch a product designed specifically for the 10th hole clubhouse. Maybe Michael Jordan got sick of golfers getting mud in the clubhouse of his custom-built state of the art golf course in Florida? Who knows the real reason but we are loving his new Air Jordan Mule Golf Shoes.

A Golf Pro’s Verdict on the Air Jordan Mule 1G Golf Shoes

Although I have a clear and obvious love of Jordan Golf, I thought I should see what the Golf world thinks of the Jordan 1 G Mule Golf Shoe. So I headed off to my own local course to see what the people in the Golf Pro shop had to say.

After some initial confusion and mistaken belief that the shoe was meant for playing in, we were away. The overall consensus is that these are great for the clubhouse. The Pro’s agreed that they look cool and will certainly get approving nods from your playing mates.

Similarly, the bar and restaurant staff loved them because they meant that less people would come in and get dirt and mud all over the floor. Apparently, the majority of awkward golf club bar conversation from staff and golfers related to hats being worn and muddy shoes causing drama. The Air Jordan Mule Golf Shoe will get rid of the shoe element of this drama.

The Style and Fit of the Air Jordan Mule 1 G Golf Shoe
The Usual Jordan Golf Effortless Elegance

If you dream of a post-golf-round shoe that marries the ease of a slip-on with the legendary design of the Air Jordan, you are in luck! The Jordan 1 G Mule makes this dream a reality. Designed for the golfer who values both convenience and style, this mule-style construction means you can effortlessly transition from driving to driving ranges. No more fiddling with laces in the car park or wrestling with your footwear post-round; these mules are all about sliding in and stepping out in style.

Jordan Gives Unmatched Comfort

The heart of the Jordan Mule lies in its comfy memory foam insole. Imagine cushioning so plush, it feels like you’re walking on clouds, whether you’re running errands before your tee time or relaxing after a successful round. This extra layer of padding ensures your feet are pampered, providing a snug haven for those pre- and post-game moments.

Sophisticated and Practical as you Would Expect from Nike Jordan Golf

The synthetic-leather gusseted roof of the mule is a game-changer, offering effortless access while maintaining a sleek, flop-free profile as you stride towards the clubhouse. This thoughtful design ensures comfort around the ankle and simplifies cleaning, keeping your mules looking sharp.

Plus, the full-grain leather, punctuated with petite perforations, enhances breathability, ensuring your feet stay cool as your game heats up.

Grip and Glamour of Jordan

But what about traction, you ask? Fear not, for the sticky outsole of the Jordan 1 G Mule grips the ground with confidence, ensuring a secure footing on any adventure from the course to the concrete. This practicality, paired with the striking University Blue/White/Black/Red colour way, means you’re not just buying a golf shoe; you’re making a statement.

An Acceptable Slice – Of Style

In the world of golf attire, the Air Jordan Mule 1 G Golf Shoe is a breath of fresh air. It’s a bold choice for the golfer who dares to stand out, offering a unique blend of Jordan’s timeless style with the ease and comfort the modern player craves. Whether you’re celebrating a career-best round or simply enjoying a leisurely day at the club, these shoes ensure you do so with flair.

Slide into the Air Jordan Mule Golf Shoe, and let your feet experience the joy of unfettered comfort and undeniable style. Whether on the green or on the go, these shoes promise to elevate your game and your wardrobe. Ready to make a statement with every step? The Jordan Mule is your answer.

Available from Nike direct, for £99.99Air Jordan Mule 1 G Golf Shoe