Bunker Mentality’s New Augusta Range Drops – An Exclusive Interview with Co-Founder Robert Hart

Augusta Range by Bunker Mentality

Meet the creators of the Augusta Range by Bunker Mentality

As regular GolfTimes readers will know, we are massive fans of the golf clothing brand Bunker Mentality. I have lost count of the number of pieces from their range that I have in my own golf wardrobe. From their polo’s and jumpers through to tshirts and sweatshirts, I have it all.

So you can imagine the excitement when we saw that they had a new Augusta based range coming out. We sat down with co-founder, Robert Hart for an exclusive chat to find out more about the range and what inspired them.

Exclusive interview with Robert Hart from Bunker Mentality

“As the new golf season is just around the corner we always dream of Magnolia Lane to the Masters. This tournament is so important to us as working on the creative for this limited-edition project takes us through the dark, cold and wet days of winter.  This collection is a good fun project which generates far too many ideas to start with, but the best always make the cut.” Says Robert.

You can really see what he means when you look through the new range. The Azalea golf towel jumps out for its vibrant colours and you know, because of the Bunker Mentality brand value that it will be high quality and long-lasting.

Robert spoke a lot about how the Augusta range is not just about the players taking part in The Masters and instead has a strong focus on the caddy’s. The iconography really stands out on the new range, thanks to the caddy graphic.

Green Augusta Hoodie from Bunker Mentality
Green Augusta Hoodie from Bunker Mentality

The Augusta Range showcases the iconic caddy white overalls

Robert said, “This year we paid homage to the instantly recognisable Masters caddies as they provide a very unique icon so readily identified with the first major of the season. Our caddy is hand illustrated by our own head of design and features the traditional white overalls and green cap. We love his style and he’s certainly iconic!”.

The instantly recognisable white caddy overall’s that are worn during the tournament are delivered in the usual Bunker Mentality style of high quality and high impact, without taking away from the overall design and style.

It is clear that Robert and the Bunker Mentality team know their golf history. This comes across via the passion they use when talking about the back story of the white overall’s.

“Caddies have been wearing white overalls (jumpsuits) at Augusta since the course opened in 1933 when it used to be the common practice that the course provided players with a caddie. This died out in the 70’s and when the Masters eventually followed suit they still required all visiting caddies to wear the traditional uniform of the club’s own caddies the white overall and green cap.”

Finished in the United Kingdom with Iconic Embroidery

Hearing that the finishing for the Augusta range takes place in the UK is also brilliant to see. “Our caddy icon is embroidered locally in Nottingham on the front of Organic Cotton polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and zip tops. This reflects our mentality that Bunker clothing should be wearable on the golf course, walking the dog or going to the pub for Sunday lunch.”

This passion  and attention to detail is exactly why Bunker Mentality is being seen more and more across the UK. Not just across golf courses, but also growing as a lifestyle brand.

This lifestyle brand growth really resonates with everything Robert wants the brand to be seen as. “Golf is the original lifestyle sport and these garments match that perfectly. This is a very special limited-edition range designed for those who put personality before performance and who have a love for the great game”.

Our Picks from the new Augusta Range

Our three top pics from the range are; the Navy Augusta Hoodie which is just £65.00, the Augusta Polo Shirt in green which is £55.00 and the iconic August Residents Chair Sweatshirt in navy which is £59.00.

The navy Augusta Hoodie carries the hand illustrated caddy icon, which we absolutely love. It has a super soft and warm feel and would fit in perfectly down you local pub on a Sunday, or in the clubhouse after a challenging 18 holes.

Jumping back to golf and we love the simplicity of the Augusta Polo Shirt in green. I remember the first time I saw another player at my club in a Bunker Mentality top. There was a knowing glance we gave each other, and you can imagine that happening when you wear this.

The embroidery is really high quality and stands out as being iconic.

The Augusta Residents Chair Sweatshirt is another item from the range that would fit in just fine in any social setting. It feels really robust whilst also being super flexible if wearing it as a mid-layer.

We love the larger graphic on the back as well as the chest icon. Both of which are really visible but not over-powering.

The Augusta range from Bunker Mentality is available for pre order now and ships in time for the tournament start.