Ben Sayers XF Pro Chipper Review: Elevate Your Short Game!

Ben Sayers Chipper Chip putter £24.99 AmazonBen Sayers Chipper Chip putter £24.99 Amazon

Why the very affordable Ben Sayers Pro Chipper is so respected

With a heritage stretching back to the late 19th century, Ben Sayers is a brand that stands out for its remarkable contribution to the world of golf. The brainchild of its eponymous founder, a Scottish professional golfer and highly respected club maker, Ben Sayers has etched its name in the annals of golfing history.

From the verdant greens of North Berwick in Scotland to golf courses worldwide, this esteemed brand has stood the test of time, balancing traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation.

In an industry replete with emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies, Ben Sayers has stayed true to its roots, while demonstrating its ability to adapt and evolve. Their range of equipment, encompassing clubs, trolleys, and a plethora of golfing accessories, bear testament to the brand’s commitment to quality. Every Ben Sayers product is designed with an unwavering focus on enhancing the golfing experience, regardless of the player’s skill level.

One product from their impressive repertoire that has caught the attention of golfers globally is the Ben Sayers XF Pro Chipper. A perfect blend of craftsmanship and function, this golf club is specifically designed to address common challenges that players encounter around the greens. For more information about the best clubs to use around the green, have a read of this article written by one of our golf experts. Back to today’s club review though, it’s a classic example of how the Ben Sayers brand has utilised over a century’s worth of expertise to refine and perfect the golf club’s design.

Why You Might Need the XF Pro Chipper

The XF Pro Chipper’s importance becomes apparent when golfers face challenges in controlling more complex clubs, like the lob wedge. The lob wedge is a high-lofted club, typically between 58 and 64 degrees, designed to lift the ball high into the air for a short, precise shot. While it’s a valuable tool for an experienced golfer, less seasoned players often struggle to manage the required swing technique effectively, leading to inconsistent results.

In situations where a lob wedge shot is too difficult to execute confidently, the XF Pro Chipper (sometimes known as the “chippy putter”) comes into its own. The design of the chipper, akin to a putter but with the loft of a 7 or 8 iron, provides a simpler approach to shots around the green.

This can significantly reduce the risk of mishits and skulled shots, common issues for beginners and high-handicappers with the more difficult-to-master lob wedge. The chipper facilitates a smooth, controlled stroke that lifts the ball slightly and allows for a predictable roll towards the hole. In essence, it combines the user-friendliness of a putter with the practical utility of a wedge, simplifying the short game for many golfers.

You will love how affordable the Ben Sayers Chipper is! Just £24.99

One of the standout attributes of the Ben Sayers XF Pro Chipper is its affordability. For a club that offers such versatility and game improvement, it’s surprisingly pocket-friendly, particularly when compared to other specialised golf clubs on the market.

High-end wedges and putters often come with hefty price tags, making the XF Pro Chipper an attractive option for golfers conscious of their budgets. This cost-effectiveness, paired with its performance, makes the chipper an excellent investment for golfers of all skill levels. The Ben Sayers XF Pro Chipper delivers great value for money, proving that enhancing your golf game need not be an expensive endeavour.

Mastering the XF Pro Chipper

The XF Pro Chipper is a hybrid between a wedge and a putter, designed to add versatility to your short game. It’s essentially a tool meant for situations where a putt won’t quite cut it, but a full swing with a wedge is excessive. With a loft akin to a 7 or 8 iron, but a body resembling a putter, the XF Pro Chipper enables you to lift the ball over the fringe or rough, allowing it to roll smoothly towards the hole.

Using the chipper takes some practice but can prove invaluable on the course. Hold the chipper much like you would a putter, with your hands slightly forward. Your stance should be square to the target, and the ball should be in the middle of your stance. Use a putting stroke to hit the ball, taking care to keep your wrists firm to ensure a clean, straight shot.

The Ben Sayers XF Pro Chipper truly shines when used just off the green, where you need a club that can deliver a higher, softer shot, yet with the precision of a putt. However, remember that the chipper isn’t designed for long shots or shots from the bunker, so keep your wedges and irons at hand for those situations.

Understanding Tournament Rules

It’s essential for golfers to know that while the XF Pro Chipper is an exceptional tool for practice and casual play, some golf tournaments and competitions in the UK have put restrictions on its use. Due to its distinctive design and the potential advantages it may provide, certain competitions deem it as non-conforming to the traditional club standards. Therefore, always check with tournament organisers or refer to the official competition rules before including this club in your tournament bag.

Why Beginners Will Love the XF Pro Chipper: A Coach’s Perspective

Renowned golf coach, James Robertson, praises the Ben Sayers XF Pro Chipper as a game-changer for beginners. According to Robertson, the chipper’s unique design is highly beneficial for those just getting into the sport. “In golf, confidence is key, and nothing builds confidence like success. The XF Pro Chipper helps beginners attain that success faster, particularly around the greens,” he explains.

Robertson emphasises that the XF Pro Chipper’s design reduces the number of variables in play, thus making the shot simpler. “When using a traditional wedge, beginners often struggle with things like swing plane and wrist action. But with the chipper’s putter-like design and a simple putting stroke, these factors are largely eliminated, making the club incredibly user-friendly.”

Lastly, the coach insists that incorporating the XF Pro Chipper into their game enables beginners to focus on understanding golf strategy and course management. “Having a reliable club for those tricky green-side situations allows new golfers to concentrate on their overall game strategy, not just technique. It’s a tool that promotes success, and ultimately, a love for the game,” Robertson concludes.

You can buy the Ben Sayers XF Pro Chipper from Amazon for £24.99

Whether you’re a beginner looking to simplify your short game or an experienced golfer seeking a versatile addition to your club collection, the Ben Sayers XF Pro Chipper might just be what you need. As always, remember to check the competition rules before tournament play. Happy golfing!

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