Bunker Mentality – The hot golf clothing brand we are loving right now

Bunker Mentality is a great new golf clothing brand that we love.

**At the time of writing this, Bunker Mentality has a 30% sale on selected items**

In the realm of golf fashion, where subtlety often reigns supreme, the arrival of the golf brand Bunker Mentality on my radar was a breath of fresh air. Bright colours, modern designs, and a daring approach to traditional golf wear are what set Bunker Mentality apart from the usual suspects.

I first came across the brand in 2022 and immediately fell in love. I now own five pieces of golf clothing from Bunker Mentality, all of which are either golf polo shirts or golf t-shirts, and each one is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, style and affordability. I will admit that I have yet to wear the “Who’s Your Caddy” t-shirt outside of the house, just because I worry it is a little too much (I am a 46 year old guy).

One thing to note, whilst the brand is new to me, as far as I can tell BunkerMentality has been around since the early 2000’s and has even gone through a crowd funding round (which it smashed). I am just sad I missed the boat on that.

One thing that immediately stands out about Bunker Mentality is their colour palette. It’s as though they’ve taken the grey and muted greens of the golfing landscape and injected a vibrant spectrum of colour into it. Picture radiant reds, brilliant blues, and audacious oranges.

My golf wardrobe, once a bastion of golfing conservatism, is now a testament to the joy and vibrancy of golf’s modern era. Whenever I step out onto the green in a Bunker Mentality top, I instantly feel a spring in my step, a swing in my drive and, quite literally, a pop of colour in my golfing game. I usually follow up this amazing feeling by shanking it into the trees off the first tee, but let’s ignore that. My game is not quite as good as their gear!

My favourite Bunker Mentality golf polo shir
My favourite Bunker Mentality golf polo shirt that I own – and I own quite a few! Now sadly out of stock!

The people I play with never fail to comment on my golf tops, always with an admiring glint in their eyes. Could it be the fantastic attention to detail like the icon stitched into the shoulder? Or maybe the thickness of the tops that don’t feel as flimsy as some of the more famous brands but still take unwanted sweat away on those hot, hungover (maybe) rounds?

Purchasing from our new fave brand doesn’t mean breaking the bank either. The pricing of their apparel is genuinely affordable, and the value for money is exceptional. Despite the modest price tag, there’s no compromise on quality.

Each garment is crafted with attention to detail, with high-performance fabrics designed for comfort and resilience on the golf course. So, it’s a win-win scenario — stylish, quality golf gear that won’t empty your wallet!

Bunker Mentality has an intriguing backstory, which makes supporting the brand all the more gratifying. The company, based in the UK, emerged on the scene with a clear and vibrant vision to revolutionise golf fashion. The founders of Bunker Mentality, self-proclaimed golf addicts, wanted to create a brand that reflected the modern golfer’s mentality.

They’ve been remarkably successful in achieving this, fusing traditional golfing values with contemporary fashion trends. This merging of old and new has resulted in a brand that resonates with golfers of all ages, particularly those who appreciate a modern twist to their golf attire.

The secret to the brand’s success lies in its commitment to embracing the future while respecting golf’s rich heritage. By daring to stray from the tried and true path, Bunker Mentality has created a golfing style that is undeniably fresh, exciting and accessible.

Every design embodies the spirit of golf, the thrill of the game, and the joy of life itself. As the company tagline states, Bunker Mentality is ‘created for golfers, by golfers’, and this ethos shines through in each piece of clothing they create.

Bunker Mentality funny slogan tshirt about golf. I hit it hard, and then i find it, and then i hit it hard again.
I love this T-shirt from Bunker Mentality. It was the second item of clothing I bought from the brand in 2022.

Over the past few months, this brand’s golf shirts have become my go-to golfing attire. I’m no longer just another golfer blending into the green. Instead, I stand out, making a statement about who I am as a golfer and what golf means to me.

I believe this brand has a bright future ahead, as bright as the colours they so boldly champion. They’ve challenged golfing norms, they’ve added zest and vibrancy to the golf course, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, I have one dream right now and that is to get invited onto the Bunker Mentality golf day. I will immediately shank my tee shot off into the trees, but I just want to hang around with the cool Bunker Mentality gang.

To anyone seeking to invigorate their golfing wardrobe, Bunker Mentality offers an affordable, stylish and high-quality solution. There’s a sense of authenticity, a sense of fun, and a sense of stylish audacity in every piece of clothing they create.

It’s clear to see that Bunker Mentality is not just a brand; it’s a way of life, a way of golfing, and a way of embracing the vibrant spirit of the modern game. I can’t wait to see what Bunker Mentality will bring to the green next. Let’s just say, the future of golf fashion looks incredibly bright!

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