Golf for the Disabled Tour Hosts First Ever PGA Tournament Event

Golf for the disabled first ever PGA tournament event

Breaking New Ground: Golf for the Disabled at PGA Tour Tournament

In an unprecedented move that marks a significant milestone for the sport, the Golf for the Disabled (G4D) Tour is set to host an event at a PGA Tour tournament for the first time. This historic event will take place at the CJ Cup Byron Nelson in Texas, running over two days on the 29th and 30th of April 2024.

A Dream Come True for Golf for Disabled Players

The inclusion of the G4D event within the framework of a PGA Tour tournament is a groundbreaking development. Chris Biggins, an American golfer ranked third in the world and a prominent figure in disability golf, expressed his excitement about the event: “The G4D Tour has already changed my life. It has grown every year, and with this huge step, it will surely skyrocket some more. It will be a dream come true to play a G4D Tour event in front of a home crowd, alongside an event I have watched since I was a kid.”

The Elite Competitors

The event will see the top eight men and top two women in the world rankings compete in a strokeplay competition. This includes England’s Kipp Popert, who leads the men’s rankings, and Daphne van Houten of the Netherlands, the highest-ranked female player. Their participation underscores the high level of competition and the global reach of “Golf for the disabled.”

The Growing Golf for the Disabled Tour

Since its inception in 2022, the G4D Tour has been operating alongside the DP World Tour, with events often played at the same venues as those on the European circuit. This year’s tour consists of nine tournaments across six different countries, demonstrating the expanding scope of the tour and its commitment to promoting inclusivity within the sport.

Support from the Top

Keith Pelley, the outgoing CEO of the DP World Tour, has been instrumental in the growth of the G4D circuit. He shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration with the PGA Tour: “The standard of golf on the G4D Tour is remarkable, and I’m delighted that the PGA Tour has invited the leading golfers with a disability to play during one of their most historic tournaments.”

Jay Monahan, the PGA Tour’s commissioner, also expressed his support: “It is an honour to showcase the world’s best golfers with a disability at The CJ Cup Byron Nelson for what is sure to be an exciting and memorable experience for each participant.”

A Major Leap for Inclusive Golf

This collaboration between the G4D and PGA Tours is more than just an event; it’s a significant leap forward in promoting the inclusivity of golf. By providing a high-profile platform for athletes with disabilities, the event aims to inspire a new generation of golfers and showcase that golf truly is a sport for everyone.

The G4D Tour continues to break new ground, with its only major, the G4D Open, set to take place at Woburn in May, in partnership with the R&A. This event, along with the upcoming tournament in Texas, highlights the tour’s vital role in expanding the horizons of golf for the disabled, making the sport more accessible and enjoyable for all.