Matfen Hall Golf and Resort Review: What Golf Heaven Looks Like

matfen hall golf resort

Myself and my good golf buddy decided to do our first official review of a course for this site, and so off we went to Matfen Hall Golf Resort. Being typical golfing types, wives and girlfriends were welcomed and they enjoyed the amazing resort facilities whilst we tested our handicaps around the course. Our review is fully independent and was not gifted. For booking and Green Fee information, you are best to visit the Matfen Hall website direct.

Arrival and First Impressions

Seamless Check-In Experience

Our journey to Matfen Hall, nestled in the serene Northumberland countryside and conveniently located just 30 minutes from Newcastle upon Tyne, commenced with an air of anticipation and excitement. As we approached the grand entrance, we were greeted by the warm smiles of the staff, setting the tone for a welcoming experience. The check-in process was super slick, making us feel valued from the moment we stepped through the door. Each detail, from verifying our booking to offering insights about the resort’s amenities, was handled with professionalism and ease.

The Grandeur of the Great Hall

Stepping into the Great Hall, we were enveloped in an atmosphere of historic elegance. The light streaming through the stunning stained-glass window created a mesmerising play of colours, accentuating the hall’s architectural beauty. This impressive introduction to Matfen Hall gave us a glimpse into the estate’s rich heritage and commitment to preserving its unique character. The hall, with its high ceilings and opulent décor, was more than just a lobby; it was a testament to the estate’s grandeur and luxury. In short, wow!

The reception at Matfen Hall is not to shabby!
The reception at Matfen Hall is not to shabby!

Golfing Excellence at Matfen Hall

I mean, we are here to talk about the golf right? You have to first of all mention the pro-shop. It has everything you could need and I mean everything! Buggies were plentiful and at just £35 for a round we felt were super affordable. We always just prefer to walk round though, to try and take it all in.

Pristine Greens A Golfer’s Delight

As you would expect, we always have high hopes for the greens at any course. The first thing we noticed at Matfen Hall was the exceptional quality of the greens. The putting surfaces were in superb condition, offering consistent rolls and true lines that challenged and rewarded our skills in equal measure. The meticulous care taken in maintaining the greens was evident in every putt. If only our putts were as good as the greens!

Immaculate Fairways Framing Each Hole

The fairways at Matfen Hall were nothing short of immaculate. Lush and well-manicured, they provided ideal playing conditions, with each fairway distinctly framing the holes against the stunning backdrop of the Northumberland countryside. The care taken in preserving the natural beauty while providing a high-quality golfing surface was apparent, enhancing the overall aesthetic and playability of the course.

Tee Boxes in Perfect Condition

The tee boxes at Matfen Hall were in pristine condition, a massive kudos to the groundskeeping team. Each box was perfectly level, with well-trimmed grass that allowed for optimal tee shots. This attention to detail ensured that every hole began with the best possible start, although our wandering drives were maybe not as good as the tee boxes.

Autumnal Beauty and Maintenance

Playing in the midst of autumn can bring a leafy charm to any golfing experience. The course was a tapestry of vibrant leaf colours, with trees shedding their leaves. However, unlike many other courses where leaves can be a nuisance, the greenskeepers at Matfen Hall somehow kept the course leaf-free. Even in the mid-afternoon, when we played, the fairways and greens were clear, demonstrating the team’s commitment to providing an uninterrupted and top-tier golfing experience.

A Testament to Groundskeeping Excellence

The condition of the course during our autumn visit was amazing and the groundskeepers do a brilliant job. Their ability to maintain such high standards, especially during a season when nature can often be challenging, was impressive. It’s clear that the team at Matfen Hall takes great pride in their work, ensuring that the golf course remains one of the best-maintained in the region, regardless of the season.

We are not going to talk about who won the golf, but let’s just the say the occasional dog leg played to my natural slice! Let’s quickly move on.

Back to the resort and more about our rooms.

Luxury Suites – A Symphony of Elegance and Comfort

Our stay at Matfen Hall’s Luxury Suites was a remarkable experience, blending comfort with an air of refined elegance. The moment we stepped into our suites, we were greeted by a wow moment of classic charm and modern luxury. The emperor-sized beds, dressed in the finest linens, promised and delivered a night of undisturbed, blissful sleep.

Marble En-suite Bathrooms: A Touch of Opulence

I have to mention the bathrooms… The suite boasted a spacious marble en-suite bathroom, epitomising the essence of luxury. There was an opulent marble finish, creating a spa-like atmosphere that was both refreshing and relaxing. The attention to detail extended to the selection of premium toiletries, fluffy towels, and robes, enhancing our overall experience of indulgence. These bathrooms were not just functional spaces but sanctuaries of relaxation, where one could unwind in style after a day spent hacking around their amazing golf course.

Roll top bath is very glam!
Roll top bath is very glam!

Breathtaking Views From the Rooms

The views overlooking the lush, manicured gardens and the expansive sweep of the Northumberland countryside were breathtaking. Waking up to such serene and picturesque vistas was a joyous start to the day.

We were told that the spa facilities were second to none. The staff were friendly, the treatments on offer were top quality and the fizzy wine was kept flowing. We all got changed (in separate rooms, it wasn’t that kind of stay or friendship!) and headed down for drinks and a meal.

We had drinks in the bar before and it was like going back in time to a more luxurious period. The staff were brilliant, the service was spot on and nothing was too much trouble, despite the odd complicated cocktail being requested by two of our group!

Our meal at the Emerald Restaurant was similarly high quality. The Sommelier was on hand to guide us through the pick of the wine list and the food was everything you would expect and more. Dessert was a step too far for us so it was back to the bar for a cheeky pre-bed drink, or two.

Very swanky places to eat, drink and be merry.

All in all, I can’t rate Matfen Hall highly enough. It beats even the likes of Carden Park in Cheshire in terms of luxury and I am told the Spa facilities are up there as well. Matfen Hall has to be one of the most high class golf resorts in the UK. It has everything that a group of golfers could want, and yet is also the perfect romantic getaway for couples.
We have booked to go back again in spring 2024 and can’t wait!

Some Handy Matfen Hall Booking Information

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NOTE: Some images were provided by Matfen Hall as it turns out, our camera work is sometimes as shoddy as our golf!