Meet The F0re Br0thers – The Comedy Legends Taking over #GolfTok

The Fore Brothers - golftok winning family!

It’s not every day you stumble upon a group of lads that can make you laugh out loud while attempting a birdie putt. Meet The F0re Br0thers – a group of four brothers who’ve taken the world of social media by storm with their hysterically funny and engaging golf-centric content.

For those who might be living under a rock (or perhaps deep in the rough), Patrick, Ronan, Conor, and Declan, better known as The F0re Br0thers, have been brightening up the sometimes-over-serious world of golf.

If you have ever spent any time at all on #GolfTok then you won’t have failed to see their true-to-life funny golf videos. It is at this point that I should explain that this was going to be a “Top 5 Golf TikTok Accounts to Follow” article. I thought this could be inspiration for those thinking of trying to earn a living from filming their attempts to play golf.

As I began to research who everyone in the golf community is following on social media, The Fore Brothers were getting mentioned time and time again. From golf professionals that I know and Pro Shop owners I buy from, through to just my mates who are constantly sharing the Fore Brothers videos in our golf WhatsApp chat, they are everywhere!

This led me to try and speak to the brothers to try and get an exclusive interview and they didn’t disappoint. What was noticeable from the outset of chatting to Patrick Moloney, one of the Fore Brothers, is just how humble they are. I still don’t think they fully realise just how loved they are by the whole golfing community, not just here in the UK, but with their fame spreading, their comedy is truly global now as well.

The Rise and Rise of The F0re Br0thers

Initially dipping their toes into the vast pool of TikTok three years ago, they began their journey with general comedy content that you can find by Googling “Four Brothers”. By March 2020, the laughs and likes meant that the brothers could turn their passion into a full-time job.

In my chat, Patrick Moloney, as previously mentioned, one of the quartet, spilled the beans on their journey. “2022 was a turning point for us,” Patrick recalled, “That’s when we got into golf, and it became the inspiration behind our Fore Brothers TikTok content. It also served as the perfect platform to kick-start our YouTube channel.”

The four brothers actually gave up some pretty hefty careers of their own in order to have the time to really go for the comedy goals. Patrick worked for Michelin restaurants, Ronan worked in employment sales, Connor worked in property investment and Declan joined the family business straight from school.

The Perfect Swing: TikTok Sketches and YouTube Play-Alongs

Responding to their ever-growing community’s demand, the brothers began splitting their content. While TikTok saw a daily dose of short, hilarious golf sketches, their YouTube channel became the go-to place for play-along videos. And to their surprise, their YouTube golf videos soared in popularity. “We weren’t expecting that kind of love!” Patrick exclaimed.

The lads now believe that over the next 12 months, their golf account will overtake their main comedy account in terms of views, engagements and popularity. Amazing when you think they only really got into golf around a year ago.

Instagram and Facebook aren’t left behind in this comedy parade. Followers on these platforms are regularly treated to their trademark sketches, ensuring no fan is left without a dose of humour.

Their mantra is simple: consistency. Patrick explained their strategy, “We film once a week and then dive into the editing process for the rest of the week. It’s a constant hustle to find new, fun content, but we love every minute of it.”


They absolutely love it 😂

♬ original sound – F0reBr0thers

Golf Clubs are Embracing The F0re Br0thers After a Tricky Start

It is no surprise to hear that the brothers now have no issue finding courses that will welcome them to come and film. Initially there was clear reluctance for golf courses getting involved but as their name has grown, so has demand from courses for the brothers to use their fairways and green as back drops to their popular videos.

This is no mean feat given that the brothers now turn up with a full production crew of videographers and a sound engineer. Their shoots can take a full day to get in the can.

You can see why they put so much effort into the golf content when you understand that it outperforms the reach (number of eyes on the videos) of their mainstream comedy content by up to three times. The longer and more slick looking shoots are essential for the long-form YouTube videos that they create, whereas the TikTok content is predominantly shot on an iPhone and needs far less editing and pulling together.

With YouTube bringing in far more revenue via advertising than TikTok, it becomes obvious why so much more effort goes into the videos for this platform. Something that the likes of KSI and the Sidemen (ask your kids) have spoken about quite frequently.

The Fore Brother family are winning at golf social media

Brands, Endorsements, and the Power of Daily Content

Their unique blend of comedy and golf caught the attention of big brands, and endorsement deals soon followed. The revenues generated allow all four brothers to be completely immersed in the business.

We at GolfTimes are never rude enough to ask for the exact amount someone earns, but as a ballpark, the Brothers have enough to now employ a team of nine people full time.

Some of the brands that they have worked with so far include the likes of Calloway, Sky, BT and a little-known animation company called Disney! After working with a few talent management companies over the years, the guys now represent themselves and Patrick takes the lead on all contract negotiations.

For those who aspire to replicate their success, Patrick has some golden advice. “You must enjoy the subject. Otherwise, you’ll just get bored. Posting at least once a day is vital. It’s better to have one piece of content a day with decent engagement than to post once a month and get heaps of likes. Engagement is the true testament to how much your audience values your content.”


We all have that one mate who thinks they’re a 1 sleeve kinda guy 👀😂 #golf #fyp #golfers #golfuk #banter #jokes

♬ original sound – F0reBr0thers

What is next for the Fore Brothers?

The brother are heading off to Las Vegas next month for their first foray into mainstream American content creation. It is clear that they are excited to see if their comedy translates as well over there as it does over here.

Their humble nature means that it is left to us to confidently predict that they will be a global brand in no time at all. They definitely have that cheeky humour that enables them to almost slip under the radar and slowly appear and then overtake your social media feed and this is why we can’t wait to see them succeed.

A Fairway Full of Laughs Ahead

The Fore Brothers have seamlessly blended comedy and golf, proving there’s room for fun in everything, even in a sport as solemn as golf. With the wind in their sails and a club in hand, this band of brothers is set to keep the laughs rolling in for a long time to come. So, if you’re looking for a chuckle or two amidst your golf swings, you know where to head!

Oh yeah, and what is Patrick’s favourite golf video that they have created so far? See below!

What’s in the Fore Brothers golf bag?

Driver, Rescue, Irons: Paradym

Putter: Odyssey
Ball Brand of Choice: Titleist Pro V1 (obviously)