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The pursuit of perfecting the golfing experience has always been at the heart of Stewart Golf. A vision manifested vividly in the form of their latest electric golf trolley, the Stewart Golf X10 Follow. Tracing its lineage back to 2003, the evolution began with the X1 Remote. Over the years, the X series progressively advanced through the X3, X5, and X7 models, culminating in the highly sophisticated X10. We decided to undertake an in-depth review of this exceptional piece of golf technology at Ross on Wye Golf Club during the sunny month of July 2023.

Having swung my clubs on the tee boxes for nearly a decade, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out almost every electric trolley out there. From the basic models to the most advanced, I’ve pushed, followed, and remotely controlled them all. This hands-on experience has given me a unique perspective on what makes a trolley stand out, and I must say, the Stewart Golf range has always caught my eye.

As I mention later on in the article, one of the most memorable moments in my golfing journey was meeting the founder of Stewart Golf. Our conversation was enlightening, revealing the passion and precision behind each of their products. Over the years, I’ve also played alongside many golf enthusiasts who swear by the Stewart brand. Their consistent praise and my personal experiences with the trolleys have only deepened my appreciation for the brand.

But it’s not just personal anecdotes that shape my views. I’ve had countless discussions with golf professionals and coaches, always eager to get their insights on the best equipment. Time and again, Stewart Golf emerges as a favourite. Their blend of innovation, design, and performance is often highlighted, reinforcing my belief that when it comes to electric trolleys, Stewart Golf is in a league of its own.

As I mentioned, I met the founder of the Stewart Golf brand at a charity golf event at Brickhampton Golf Complex in 2021. They have quite the interesting business back story to tell, especially around their growth in the USA during COVID. Given I live in the same county as Stewart Golf I was surprised I had not heard of them until that event.

One of my closest golf buddies actually has an earlier Stewart Golf Electronic Follow Trolley and it is an amazing piece of kit, so I was excited when I was asked if I would like to have a go on the new X10 by a different friend who had just bought one.

Stewart golf X10 follow trolley review – used at Ross on Wye Golf Club

The X10 is not merely a golf trolley. It’s a high-performance companion designed to ensure your golfing experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. It liberates you from the strenuous task of lugging your golf gear around the course, thereby allowing you to fully focus on your game. As we navigated the picturesque yet challenging terrains of Ross on Wye, the X10 followed us effortlessly, silently, and accurately, making our game all the more pleasurable.

Dealing with the infamous muddy hills of the 17th and 15th holes at Ross on Wye is no small feat. Yet, the X10 tackled them with an ease that left us in awe. Thanks to the proprietary 7th Generation Follow Technology, it navigated the complex terrains and inclinations with astonishing precision, without losing track or pace, even for a moment.

What is the difference between the Stewart Q and the X10

The Stewart Golf Q and the X10 are both premier electric golf trolleys, designed to redefine your golfing experience with their state-of-the-art features and capabilities. However, they do carry some distinctive attributes that differentiate them and cater to varied golfer requirements and preferences.

The Q Follow, the compact sibling in the Stewart Golf trolley family, is renowned for its portability and sleek design. The Q series was specifically engineered to offer a space-saving solution without compromising on technology or performance. It employs a unique folding mechanism that allows it to be packed down smaller than any other Stewart Golf trolley, making it perfect for golfers who have limited boot space or like to travel frequently with their golf gear. Furthermore, the Q Follow is also lighter than the X10, which makes it easier to handle and transport.

In contrast, the X10 Follow, the latest evolution of Stewart’s iconic X series, offers enhancements in both technology and efficiency. Its design is focused on power, robustness, and long-lasting durability. While it may be larger and heavier than the Q Follow, the X10 Follow shines in its increased power efficiency, capable of giving up to 40% more golf for each battery charge thanks to its EcoDrive motor technology. This model also boasts the 7th generation Follow technology, with electronic calibration providing the most accurate and reliable Follow experience to date. It’s the perfect choice for golfers looking for a robust, reliable, and feature-packed golf trolley that stands the test of time.

How much does the X10 Follow Trolley cost? £1549.99 – Direct from the Stewart Golf online shop

See what Stewart Golf Says about the X10 Follow Trolley – watch their video

Accessories for the X10 Follow Trolley – rain cover etc

The Stewart Golf X10 comes with an impressive array of accessories designed to augment its functionality and enhance your golfing experience. The most popular amongst them is the cup holder, offering a convenient spot for your beverage as you traverse the course. These accessories are intelligently designed for effortless installation and can be easily attached to the handlebar, making your golfing experience as convenient as possible.

Beyond the cup holder, the X10 also offers secure Bluetooth communication and a rechargeable handset with a USB cable. These additional features are not mere accessories but an integral part of the whole X10 ecosystem that elevates its usability and functionality to another level. Combined, they make your X10 not just a trolley, but a fully integrated golfing companion.

Those in the Uk who buy this electric golf trolley will also benefit from using the rain cover as well which can be bought separately for £19.99

Perfect in All Weather

The Stewart Golf X10 Follow shines when it comes to all-weather resilience. During our review in July, we faced unpredictable weather that swung from sunshine to sudden drizzle. Yet, the X10 remained undeterred. Its robust design and high-grade materials ensure that it can smoothly handle varying weather conditions and deliver a consistently high performance.

The X10’s prowess was particularly noticeable on the muddy terrains of Ross on Wye. The superior traction and balance provided by the robust wheels, combined with its advanced follow technology, ensured that it manoeuvred flawlessly through the muddy and hilly terrains. Whether it’s the rain-soaked greens or the dry, sunny fairways, the X10 can seamlessly adapt to any environmental conditions.

Cost – Expensive But Will Last Forever!

In the realm of golf trolleys, the Stewart Golf X10 Follow is a premium offering. With a higher price point than most of its competitors, it may not be the first choice for those on a tight budget. However, the X10 isn’t an ordinary golf trolley; it’s an investment in a superior golfing experience.

Considering its robust build, innovative features, and extended battery life, courtesy of the new EcoDrive motors, the X10 is designed to be a long-lasting companion on the golf course. Its durability and longevity make it a worthwhile investment that guarantees value for money over the years.

The X10 Follow Trolley has The Three Modes

One of the standout features of the X10 is its operational versatility, which comes in the form of three navigational modes – Remote, Follow, and Manual. The Remote mode, with a range of up to 50m, offers incredible control, allowing you to guide the trolley around the course from a distance.

The Follow mode utilises Stewart’s proprietary technology to ensure the X10 is always faithfully trailing you, at a comfortable pace. It’s an ideal mode for those wanting a truly hands-free golfing experience. Meanwhile, the Manual mode gives you full control of the trolley’s direction via the handle, perfect for when you need to navigate tighter spaces or specific terrains.

Make Sure It Will Fit in the Boot of Your Car

At the intersection of robust dimensions and thoughtful design, the Stewart Golf X10 trolley is engineered to be collapsible for convenient transportation. From its expanded form during gameplay to a compact structure, it efficiently collapses to fit into the boot of most cars. This ingenious design is a testament to Stewart Golf’s meticulous attention to detail, making it simple for golfers to carry this luxurious accessory to and from the golf course.

However, not all car boots are created equal. Some have more generous spaces while others are a bit tight. For this reason, it’s advisable to take a few minutes to measure your car boot. This simple step ensures that you can comfortably fit the X10 into your car, thereby avoiding any potential hassle. Despite its collapsible nature, the X10’s structural integrity and durability remain uncompromised. Whether it’s expanded for a game or compactly tucked away for transportation, the X10 maintains its rugged charm and reliable nature.

The Dimensions and Weight of the Stewart Golf X10 Follow Trolley

Weighing a solid 14 kg, the X10 Follow is a paragon of stability and durability on the golf course. The weight contributes significantly to the trolley’s exceptional balance, making it glide smoothly over varying terrains. Stewart Golf has ingeniously leveraged the weight to ensure your golfing experience is as seamless as possible. Despite its weight, the X10 offers unmatched handling that ensures its size never becomes an obstacle during your golfing sessions.

Dimensionally, the X10 strikes an elegant balance between sufficient storage space for your golfing gear and a compact design that ensures easy manoeuvrability. It’s ergonomically designed to accommodate all your necessary gear without compromising its mobility or handling. The X10’s meticulous dimensions allow you to traverse the vast greens, the narrow fairways, and the rugged terrains with your gear stowed securely and conveniently.

The X10 Has the Wow Factor When You First Get It

There’s an unmistakable sense of awe the moment you unbox the Stewart Golf X10 Follow. It isn’t just another golf trolley; it’s a statement of style, elegance, and advanced technology. Its polished lines, sleek design, and modern aesthetics ensure the X10 stands out on the golf course. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that has gone into every element of the X10’s design are evident, leading to an immediate “wow” moment.

However, the wow factor of the X10 extends beyond its striking visual appeal. Its impressive features, combined with robust performance, leave a lasting impression. As you start to engage with the various features and observe its flawless performance on the golf course, you realise the X10 is a fusion of form and function. This stunning trolley isn’t just designed to look good; it’s built to elevate your golfing experience to a whole new level.

X10 follow trolley by Stewart golf looks slick!

2 Year Warranty when bought direct

One key aspect of the Stewart Golf X10 Follow that truly stands out is the company’s confidence in the product. This is evident in the two-year warranty provided. This isn’t merely a warranty; it’s a commitment, a guarantee of the product’s quality and performance. It speaks volumes about the dedication and faith Stewart Golf has in their creation.

The warranty provides a safety net that covers defects in materials and workmanship. If your X10 suffers from any such issues within two years of purchase, Stewart Golf will address these at no extra cost. This not only underscores the company’s dedication to its customer base but also its focus on providing premium, long-lasting products. You can therefore invest in an X10 knowing you are protected and have a top-tier after-sales service to back you up.

Free Delivery when Buying Direct

To add a touch more convenience and value, the Stewart Golf X10 Follow Trolley comes with the benefit of free delivery. This isn’t just about cost savings, it’s about delivering unmatched customer experience and exceeding expectations. This comprehensive service reflects Stewart Golf’s understanding of customer needs and their commitment to fulfil them.

Having your brand new X10 Follow Trolley delivered directly to your doorstep, free of any additional shipping charges, means you can start enjoying the unparalleled golfing experience it offers without any inconvenience. This efficient and considerate service further solidifies Stewart Golf’s reputation as a customer-centric company.

Stewart Golf Trolleys are Made in the UK

Proudly standing behind the “Made in Britain” label, the Stewart Golf X10 Follow is not a mass-produced, off-the-assembly-line product. It represents the brand’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Each X10 unit is hand-built in Great Britain, ensuring an unmatched level of precision, care, and quality in each product.

The hand-built nature of the X10 Follow testifies to its superior quality and durability. Each unit is meticulously assembled, ensuring every single detail aligns with Stewart Golf’s stringent quality standards. The result is a product that isn’t just designed in the UK, but painstakingly constructed by hand to deliver a reliable, robust, and remarkably sophisticated golfing companion. This commitment to maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship further distinguishes Stewart Golf in the industry.

Would we buy the Stewart Golf X10 Follow Trolley? Oh yes!

So why should you consider investing in the Stewart Golf X10 Follow? The reasons are many, but they all come down to one core benefit – an elevated golfing experience. With its advanced features, robust performance, and luxurious design, the X10 is more than just a golf trolley; it’s a game-changer.

The X10 allows you to focus on your game while it takes care of your gear. It’s equipped to handle all weather conditions and navigate the most challenging terrains. Its versatility is demonstrated in the three operational modes, while its durability promises a long-lasting golfing companion.

Moreover, the X10 doesn’t just function impressively; it looks the part too. Its sleek design and polished appearance are sure to garner admiration from fellow golfers, as we experienced during our review at Ross on Wye. Whether on the grass or the gravel paths, the X10 performed exceptionally well. Even on the notorious downhill slope of the 16th hole, the X10’s downhill braking ensured it descended smoothly and safely.

Investing in the X10 is investing in a premium golfing experience. If you’re a serious golfer looking to enhance your game with an element of luxury and convenience, the Stewart Golf X10 Follow is the perfect choice for you.

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