The 8 Best Golf Drills for Home Practice – Swing Into Action from Your Living Room!

Golf coach at home

What’s that, you say? You can’t get to the golf course today? Fear not, golf lovers, because we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s rain, a global pandemic, or a particularly gripping episode of The Great British Bake Off keeping you indoors, these eight at-home golf drills will keep your game sharp and ready for the fairway.

What the Golf Coach Says about Home Golf Drills

We spoke to our secret golf pro, to get his thoughts on the importance of at home golf drills.

“As a golf coach, I can’t stress enough the importance of practising golf drills at home. Golf is a game of finesse, precision, and a whole lot of muscle memory. Home practice allows you to work on these aspects in a controlled, relaxed environment, ensuring your muscles ‘remember’ the right movements and replicate them on the course.

At home, you can focus on perfecting those tiny details – the grip, the stance, the swing path – all of which contribute to the overall quality of your play. Your living room might seem a world away from the greens, but it’s here that you build the consistency that’s critical to a lower handicap.

Moreover, practising at home gives you the flexibility to drill at your own pace, on your own time. It’s about deep, concentrated practice where you can feel comfortable making and learning from mistakes without the pressure of prying eyes.

Remember, golf isn’t just a physical game, it’s a mental one, too. Practising at home allows you to build a positive mental game, to visualise successful shots and grow your confidence. Home training is truly the unsung hero in a golfer’s journey to mastery, turning those living room lessons into triumphant moments on the course.”

Here are our 8 Home Golf Drill Tips

1. The Mug Putt

Turn your kitchen into a miniature golf course with the Mug Putt. Grab your putter, a golf ball, and a mug. Place the mug on its side and try to putt the ball into it. Practising this drill regularly can help improve your precision and control, plus, it’s a great way to multi-task during the ad breaks!

2. The Carpet Chip

Another indoor favourite, the Carpet Chip, helps to hone your chipping skills. Use a small towel or a chipping net like the Callaway Chip-Shot Net as your target. Practise chipping onto the target from various distances. This drill is ideal for enhancing accuracy and distance control. Remember though, use ping pong balls or you will be breaking things!

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3. The Swing Path Drill

For this drill, all you need is your trusty club and a hallway. The goal? To swing without hitting the walls! This is a fantastic way to train your swing path, helping to create that sought-after straight shot.

4. The Posture Drill

Perfecting your posture can lead to big improvements in your swing. Stand with your back against a wall and take your usual stance. Now, practice your swing without losing contact with the wall. This drill can encourage better alignment and a more consistent swing.

5. The Mirror Drill

Turn self-reflection into self-improvement! Practise your swing in front of a mirror to study and correct your form. From your grip to your follow-through, the mirror can become your best coach.

6. The Coin Roll

For putting precision, try the Coin Roll. Place a coin about a putter’s length away and try to roll your golf ball over it. It’s a drill that requires concentration and finesse, not to mention that it’s also a great way to use up all that spare change you’ve been collecting.

7. Wrist Hinge Drill

Use a training aid like the SKLZ Golf Tempo Trainer (easily sourced in the UK) to work on your wrist hinge during your swing. This practice can help create a more powerful and effective swing.

8. Golf Fitness Drills

Last but not least, remember that golf fitness is a crucial part of your game. Incorporate exercises that improve core strength, flexibility, and balance into your at-home routine. Yoga, Pilates, and resistance band training can all complement your golf drills.

So, there you have it, eight fantastic golf drills to practise at home, keeping your game on par even when you’re away from the green. Practice makes perfect, and with these drills, you can keep your skills sharp without leaving the comfort of your own home. Swing away, folks!

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