The best Golf Push Trolleys right now – Our Hot 8 Golf Trolley picks

The best pull golf trolleys available right now. 8 top picks

Best Push Golf Trolleys for 2024 Revealed – Independent Review

It’s not just about the swing or the perfectly executed putt; it’s also about the tools you use. Push trolleys have become a steadfast companion for golfers, allowing them to transport their gear in an efficient and comfortable manner, and they’re here to make your golfing experience a true ‘hole-in-one’.

When you think about the costs associated with golfing equipment, push trolleys could be your saving grace. They sidestep the hefty price tags of electric trolleys without sacrificing the functionality you need on the course. They are designed for all weathers, thanks to their lightweight and robust construction. Unlike their heavier counterparts, push trolleys will not leave your wallet feeling as light as a feather after purchase.

The other benefit of push trolleys lies in their flexibility. Their design allows you to glide through the course, no matter the terrain or weather condition. Rain or shine, your push trolley is there to support you, providing convenience and saving your energy for that all-important game. With these advantages, it’s no surprise that many golfers are choosing to ‘push’ the boundaries with these fantastic accessories.

We have spoken to a range of golfers, from high handicappers right through to the semi-pro’s to see which golf carts come out tops. By the way, one of the key factors that we looked at is their ability to fold down and easily get into the boot of your car.

We also thought it would be good to speak to a golf club pro-shop owner about what they look for when selecting push golf trolleys to both sell, and also rent from their golf pro-shop. The pro-shop buyer that we spoke to works across 12 golf pro-shops in the UK and spain.

What a golf pro-shop buyer looks for when buying push / pull golf trolleys

Golf Trolley Quality and Durability

When selecting a push golf trolley, it’s essential to prioritise quality and durability. As a pro shop golf equipment buyer with extensive experience, I understand that a well-built trolley made from high-quality materials will withstand the rigours of regular use and varied weather conditions. Look for trolleys constructed with strong, lightweight materials like aluminium or stainless steel, which offer a good balance between durability and ease of use. Check the joints, hinges, and wheels for solid construction, as these are the parts most susceptible to wear and tear.

In addition to the build quality, consider the trolley’s design and how it handles different terrains. A trolley that performs well on a variety of course conditions, from wet and muddy to dry and hilly, is a worthwhile investment. Reliable brands often provide warranties or guarantees, which can be a good indicator of the product’s longevity and the manufacturer’s confidence in their trolley.

Ease of Use and Functionality

A push golf trolley should be user-friendly and functional. Having handled numerous trolleys, I recommend choosing a model that is easy to manoeuvre, with ergonomic handles and a stable wheelbase. The trolley should be adjustable to accommodate golfers of different heights, ensuring a comfortable pushing position. Test the trolley’s folding mechanism – it should be straightforward and quick, as golfers appreciate the convenience of a trolley that is easy to set up and collapse.

Consider the trolley’s storage options and additional features, such as integrated scorecard holders, umbrella mounts, and beverage holders. These conveniences can significantly enhance the golfer’s experience. A trolley with ample storage space for a golf bag and additional pockets for accessories is highly desirable. The more functional the trolley, the more value it adds to the golfer’s game.

Weight and Portability of Your Pull Golf Trolley

The weight and portability of a push golf trolley are critical factors to consider. A lightweight trolley is easier to push around the course, reducing fatigue and making the game more enjoyable, especially for golfers who play multiple rounds or walk long courses. However, it’s important to strike a balance between lightness and stability – the trolley should be sturdy enough to securely hold the golf bag without tipping over.

Portability is also key, as golfers often transport their trolleys in their cars. Look for a trolley that folds down compactly, fitting easily into the boot of a car. A trolley that is cumbersome to transport or store will likely deter golfers from using it regularly. Therefore, a compact, lightweight design that does not compromise on stability or durability is ideal.

Golf Trolley Adjustability and Customisation

The ability to adjust and customise a push golf trolley is a significant aspect that enhances its appeal to a wide range of golfers. From my extensive experience, I’ve found that trolleys offering adjustable handle heights and angles cater to golfers of varying statures, ensuring comfort and reducing strain during play. Additionally, a trolley that allows for easy adjustments to the bag holder can accommodate different sizes and types of golf bags, making it versatile and practical for various users.

Customisation options can also be a selling point. Golfers often appreciate trolleys that come with a range of colour options, allowing them to match their trolley with their golf bag or personal style. Some trolleys even offer interchangeable wheels or accessories, which can be appealing for golfers who like to personalise their equipment. Offering a trolley that can be tailored to individual preferences can make it more attractive to a broader customer base.

Value for Money of your Golf Trolley

Finally, as a pro shop golf equipment buyer, I always consider the value for money when selecting push golf trolleys. It’s important to find a trolley that offers a good balance between quality and price. While it’s tempting to opt for cheaper models, they often lack durability and functionality, leading to customer dissatisfaction and frequent replacements. On the other hand, the most expensive trolleys might offer features that are unnecessary for the average golfer.

I recommend looking for a trolley that provides the essential features – durability, ease of use, portability, and adjustability – at a reasonable price point. A trolley that meets these criteria is likely to be a popular choice among golfers, offering them the functionality they need without breaking the bank. Remember, a satisfied customer is more likely to return and recommend your shop to others, so choosing trolleys that offer great value for money is beneficial for both your customers and your business.

Which is best, a three or four wheel golf trolley?

When considering the choice between a three-wheel and a four-wheel golf trolley, there are several factors to bear in mind, all aimed at enhancing your experience on the golf course. A three-wheel golf trolley, often praised for its simplicity and manoeuvrability, offers an ease of movement that is hard to match. Its design allows for smooth rolling over various terrains, making it a preferred choice for golfers who traverse diverse landscapes.

The two wheels at the back and one at the front enable a dynamic steering mechanism, which can be particularly beneficial when navigating through tighter spaces or making sharp turns. This configuration also tends to be lighter, contributing to less physical strain over 18 holes.

On the other hand, a four-wheel golf trolley brings its unique set of advantages, primarily stability and balance. With an extra wheel, these trolleys distribute the weight of the golf bag more evenly, reducing the risk of tipping over on uneven ground. This feature is especially valuable for golfers who carry a heavier load or prefer to pack extra gear.

A Four Wheel Golf Trolley Has Greater Stability

The added stability is also a boon on windy days, where a three-wheel trolley might be more susceptible to swaying. Although four-wheel models can be slightly bulkier and require more storage space, their design often incorporates enhanced features for added convenience, such as additional storage compartments and advanced braking systems.

Choosing between a three-wheel and four-wheel golf trolley ultimately boils down to personal preference and playing conditions. If you value agility and ease of use, a three-wheel trolley might be the way to go. However, if stability, balance, and extra features rank higher on your list of priorities, a four-wheel model could serve you better.

Regardless of your choice, both options are designed to improve your golfing experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying the game and perfecting your swing. Remember, the right trolley can be a game-changer, providing not just a means to carry your clubs, but also enhancing your overall performance and enjoyment on the course.

Low-Budget Golf Trolley Options

Masters 5 Series 3 Wheel Golf Cart £84.99 Amazon

This cart delivers outstanding performance at an unbeatable price. The Masters 5 Series features an easy-to-use folding system, a multi-feature scorecard holder, and a sturdy steel frame. Its three-wheel design ensures optimal balance, even on challenging terrains, making it a fantastic choice for those new to golf or anyone working within a tight budget.

Masters 5 series, 3 wheel golf cart - £84.99 from Amazon

Longridge Tri Cart 3 Wheel Deluxe Golf Trolley£89.99 Amazon

The Longridge Tri Cart is the embodiment of ‘cheap and cheerful’. Despite its modest price, it boasts features usually found on more expensive models, including a waterproof scorecard holder, a soft-grip handle, and a simple folding mechanism. Its three-wheel design makes it easy to manoeuvre, providing an enjoyable experience on the course without breaking the bank.

The Longridge tri golf cart, £89.99 Amazon

Rife RX5 Easy Push Trolley – £99.00 American Golf

As an entry-level model, the Rife RX5 Easy Push Trolley delivers a perfect blend of affordability and quality. The trolley is incredibly easy to assemble and use, with a sturdy steel frame that can withstand the demands of a busy golfing season. Its compact size when folded ensures that it will fit into most car boots, and its adjustable bag bracket accommodates bags of all sizes.

Rife RX5 Easy Push trolley - £99.00 from American Golf

Mid-Budget Golf Trolley Options

Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart£248.00 Amazon

The Clicgear Model 4.0 is the epitome of innovation and convenience. It boasts an extensive range of features, including a full console with golf ball, pencil, and tee holders, an umbrella mount, and a flexible bag strap system. Its aircraft-grade aluminium construction ensures durability, while its compact folding design makes storage a breeze.

We love the bright and funky design as well. This push golf trolley will get people talking and will make you stand out. Let’s hope that your game is as good as your push golf trolley!

Caddytek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart – Caddycruiser One Version 8 – £206.00 Amazon

This is the push golf trolly that I have! Note, I bought it myself and it was NOT gifted.

The Caddytek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart – Caddycruiser One Version 8 stands out as a remarkable fusion of stability, versatility, and user-friendliness, making it a must-have for any golfer looking to enhance their game. The cart’s strong aluminium frame, which weighs less than 17 lbs, coupled with its patented one-click button that folds the cart to a compact size (17″ X 14.2″X 26.4″), ensures that getting it out of the car and onto the course is a breeze.

This feature is particularly appealing for golfers who value efficiency and convenience. The assembly process is straightforward, requiring minimal effort to put together, which means you can swiftly transition from parking lot to tee off. The large 11.5″ X 2.6″ rear and 10.5″ x2.4″ front EVA maintenance-free wheels, along with a 27-inch wide body design and front wheel axle suspension, contribute to an effortlessly smooth push across various terrains, highlighting the cart’s stability and ease of use.

Furthermore, the Caddytek Caddycruiser One Version 8′s four-wheel design significantly enhances its stability, ensuring that your equipment remains secure and balanced, even on uneven ground or in windy conditions. This stability is a game-changer for golfers who navigate diverse landscapes.

The inclusion of a patented miscellaneous basket with a built-in cooler, an adjustable handle for multiple pushing positions, and a new clamp-type bag holder that secures any size or type of golf bag easily, underscores the cart’s versatility. These features, along with the integrated scorecard holder with storage compartment, beverage/cell phone/GPS holder, and mesh net, ensure that everything you need is conveniently at your fingertips. In summary, the Caddycruiser One Version 8 is not just a tool for transporting your clubs; it’s an investment in a more enjoyable and efficient golfing experience.

BagBoy Compact 3 Golf Push Cart£202.00 Amazon

BagBoy’s Compact 3 Push Cart is a mid-range option that doesn’t compromise on quality. The cart features a one-step adjustable handle to suit golfers of all heights, an integrated beverage holder, and a compact fold size for easy storage. It’s a great investment for those seeking a little more from their trolley without venturing into high-budget territory.

Sun Mountain Speed Golf Cart V1R – £232.58 Amazon

The Speed Cart V1Rby Sun Mountain is well known for its reliability and ease of use. The cart’s three-wheel design offers superior stability, and its tracking system ensures straight movement over all terrains. It also includes a smart bracket that secures the golf bag without the need for straps, adding convenience to its long list of qualities.

High-Budget Options

Motocaddy Cube Connect Push Trolley£260.00 Amazon

The Cube Connect from Motocaddy is the world’s only GPS-enabled push trolley, offering impressive high-tech features. The trolley pairs with a free GPS app to provide essential course information and smartphone notifications directly on the handle’s display. Its simple two-step folding system and lightweight frame make it as practical as it is innovative.

ClicGear Unisex 8.0 Golf Trolley with Mitts – £298.40 Amazon

ClicGear 8.0 Push Trolley is the epitome of luxury. Its sleek design, is matched with an innovative rack and pinion system that ensures a smooth ride. It’s a statement piece that combines elegance with performance, catering to golfers who want to make an impression on the course. The mitts are also a handy addition that come with this high end push golf trolley.

ClicGear 8.0 push golf trolley from Amazon just £298.40

We spoke to a golf professional to ask for the five reasons why a serious golfer would pick a push / pull golf trolley over a buggy or electric trolley.

Why pick a golf trolley over an electric trolley or a golf buggy?

Improved Fitness and Health Benefits

For a serious golfer, maintaining physical fitness is crucial. Using a push trolley offers an excellent opportunity for a low-impact workout, as it involves walking the course and manually maneuvering the trolley. This activity can significantly increase cardiovascular health, burn calories, and improve muscle tone, especially in the core and lower body. Moreover, walking a golf course is known to have therapeutic mental health benefits, providing a chance to enjoy the outdoors and the tranquility of the game.

Unlike riding in a buggy or using an electric trolley, a push trolley requires more physical engagement, encouraging golfers to keep active and fit. This physical involvement is not only good for overall health but also helps in warming up and staying loose throughout the round, potentially improving the quality of the golf game. Pushing a trolley over varied terrains of a golf course can also build endurance and stamina, which are beneficial in longer rounds and tournaments.

Enhanced Connection with the Course by using a Push Golf Trolley

Walking with a push trolley allows a golfer to experience the golf course more intimately than riding in a buggy and is great for golf course management. This closer connection with the terrain, understanding the nuances of the fairways, and feeling the undulations of the greens can lead to a better appreciation of the course and a more strategic approach to the game.

Being on foot offers the chance to notice subtleties in slope and wind direction that might be missed when swiftly moving in a buggy.Additionally, walking the course can help in maintaining a consistent rhythm and pacing in one’s game, which is often disrupted by the stop-and-go nature of buggy travel. A push trolley makes it easier to maintain a steady flow, keep the muscles warm, and stay mentally focused on each shot. This can be particularly advantageous in competitive play, where maintaining a steady tempo and mental focus is key to performance.


Owning and using a push trolley is significantly more cost-effective in the long run than relying on buggies or electric trolleys.

The initial purchase price of a push trolley is generally lower than that of an electric trolley, and it doesn’t come with the ongoing costs associated with battery maintenance and charging. Furthermore, many golf courses charge rental fees for buggies, which can add up over time, especially for those who play regularly. In contrast, after the initial purchase of a push trolley, the ongoing costs are minimal, making it a more economical choice for serious golfers who are mindful of their budget.

Additionally, push trolleys require less maintenance compared to electric trolleys and buggies. There are no complex mechanical or electrical components to worry about, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and the need for repairs. This reliability can be especially important for golfers who play frequently and need a dependable means to transport their clubs around the course without the risk of unexpected expenses.

Better Environmental Impact of a Push Golf Trolley

For the environmentally conscious golfer, a push trolley is a much greener option compared to buggies or electric trolleys. Push trolleys produce no emissions, as they rely solely on human power, thus having a minimal environmental impact. This is in contrast to buggies, which often run on petrol and contribute to air pollution, and electric trolleys, which require electricity to charge their batteries, potentially contributing to the carbon footprint depending on the source of the electricity.

Using a push trolley also promotes quieter and more peaceful rounds of golf, as it eliminates the noise pollution associated with petrol-powered buggies. This not only benefits the golfer but also the local wildlife and the overall ambiance of the golf course. For those who value the preservation of nature and the environment, the push trolley is an ideal choice, aligning with the principles of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Greater Control and Flexibility offered by a Push Golf Trolley

A push trolley offers the golfer greater control over their equipment and the pace of their game. Unlike a buggy, which follows designated paths and can limit access to certain areas of the course, a push trolley allows a golfer to navigate more freely, providing easier access to their golf bag and equipment at all times.

This can be particularly advantageous in situations where direct routes to the ball are off the path or in areas where buggies are restricted.Furthermore, push trolleys are generally more compact and manoeuvrable than buggies or electric trolleys, making them easier to handle on different terrains and in various weather conditions. They can be easily folded and transported in a car, giving golfers the flexibility to play at different courses without worrying about buggy availability or rental costs. This level of control and convenience can enhance the overall golfing experience, making the game more enjoyable and personalised for the serious golfer.

To wrap things up, each golfer has unique needs and preferences, and finding the right trolley can significantly improve your golfing experience. Whether you’re on a budget or seeking the luxury of high-end models, there’s a push trolley out there that’s perfect for you.

The real winner will be the one that suits your budget, matches your style, and most importantly, enhances your enjoyment of the game. So, why not give these push trolleys a ‘swing’?

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